Abstract 13:161-193

Potocki, Andrzej (2012) In search of an axionormative perspective on social manners. „Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna” 13: 161-193.



The paper is an attempt at examining the rules of good behavior, as proposed today, from the perspective of the virtue ethics practiced in Aristotelian and Thomistic tradition. The Polish book market has seen the publication of a large number of savoir-vivre reference manuals. They are not only descriptive but also pedagogical in scope. The paper discusses the rules of bon ton in relation to the virtues of prudence, justice, moderation and courage. These analyses are preceded with organizing remarks on our thinking about relations between values and norms (particularly moral ones) and between manners and customs. Such remarks are needed as moral norms could be the ground in which custom norms strike their roots. Thus, moral education could offer space for shaping good manners, and such education into good manners could rely on some useful sanction which is moral in nature.



custom norms, moral norms, social manners, values, virtue ethics