Abstract 16:93-107

Kwaśniewski, Jerzy (2015) Motivation to Comply with Law. „Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna” 16: 93-107.



The paper is a reprint of the author’s chapter on social determinants of legal compliance, from the book by A. Podgórecki, J. Kurczewski, J. Kwaśniewski, M. Łoś: „Poglądy społeczeństwa polskiego na moralność i prawo” [Views of Polish Society on Morality and Law], Warsaw KiW, 1971. The chapter presents findings from the research conducted in 1968 on motivations to comply with the traffic code regulations, and namely the ban to cross the street at a red light. The compliance with traffic code regulations was measured with survey questions and with observations of pedestrians’ behavior at road crossings, at a red light. The research enabled to distinguish several motivations to comply with law, and to describe their demographic, social and personality determinants.



compliance with law, pro-normative motivation, fear of punishment, internalization of norms