Abstract 16:9-33

Brożek, Kazimierz (2015) Normativity as a Foundation of the Social and Political Order. „Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna” 16: 9-33.



The author intends to attract readers’ attention to the key questions regarding normativity as the foundation which shapes social and political relations. The paper may also trigger the discussion on the essence of the role of normativity in shaping such relations. The topic was discussed in a concise and clear manner to better outline the normativity impact in the following areas: legal order and its validation, normativity and public policy, normativity and the policy of law, normativity and the relation between legal and moral norms, normativity and norm binding force, threats to norms (destruction of normativity), normativity and law prestige and authority. Moreover, the paper discusses theoretical developments as today’s alternative solutions, already applied in the area of law.



normativity, legitimacy, legal norm, moral norm, norm binding force, public policy, policy of law