Abstract 16:148-163

Patok, Małgorzata (2015) National Stereotypes vs. Norms and Social Control in the Community of Polish Workers in France after 2004. Communication from research. „Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna” 16: 148-163.



The free movement of people under the EU integration policy opens new opportunities on the European labour market. While labour markets become open, fears of immigrants among the citizens of the host countries are on the rise. These fears are entrenched in national stereotypes. As an example, we can quote the “Polish plumber” - the expression which became a frequent theme of the French media debate in 2005, as a symbol of social dumping. The paper aims at analysing the impact of stereotypes faced by today’s Polish emigrants in France on the social control within the Polish community abroad, and the adaptation and integration process in the hosting community. We should underline that a relatively large group of Poles who moved to France after Poland’s accession to the EU represent mainly low-skill jobs, which triggered agitation among the French public opinion.



migration, stereotype, stigma, deviant, integration, low-skill jobs, Polish worker