Abstract 16:127-147

Świeca, Leszek J. (2015) Social-Cultural/Legal Norm (Article 207 of the Criminal Code) vs. Pathological Social-Cultural Norms in Social Communication. „Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna” 16: 127-147.

In the light of the theoretical norm, the obligation to comply with a social-cultural/legal norm, enshrined in Article 207 of the Criminal Code, vital for the family, seems to be undisputable. Our empirical research shows that some of social and cultural norms commonly relied on in dysfunctional families are violated and that they most probably come from pathological social groups or from the whole social-cultural systems. Pathological norms allow for the violation of codified legal and moral norms, as evidenced, among all, by the consent to the use of violence against women and children (if the perpetrator is able to provide reasons for the use of violence, and such reasons stay within the pathological norm, shared by the community in question).
Article 207 of the Criminal Code, family, norm, domestic violence, concepts of normality, interpersonal communication