Abstract 15:82-114

Śledzińska, Klaudia (2014) Ethics of creativity — new normative framework in the context of the paradigm of change. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 82-114.



The article attempts at presenting the ethics of creativity as a response to the change in a paradigm decisive for basic skills required in most professional activities. As for creativity as a desirable professional skill, it would be highly justified to develop a coherent normative framework. When living within clearly defined boundaries, we can integrate all four basic dimensions of the human nature: spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical, and then, thanks to the ability for transcendence, realize the discovered potential. Ethics of creativity assumes that the normative framework should be properly understood and carefully developed in all its essential elements; then, once apprehended it will create a space for ontological safety, and will simultaneously inspire us to act creatively, following the pace of civilizational progress. Normative system refers in its essence to such objective principles as truth, dignity, freedom, responsibility, courage, love, joy, honesty, tolerance. Thanks to the adoption of an appropriate narrative structure — in our discussion the suggested metaphor is that of a house — it may become a clear point of reference for the achievement of individual desires and predispositions.



ethics of creativity, paradigm of change, normative framework