Abstract 15:28-41

Pląsek, Rafał (2014) Universal education as a tool of ideologically-oriented social control. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 28-41.



When writing about universal education, anyone would hardly argue with the statement that school has some specific links with the ideological sphere. School curricula may become a tool used to exert social control: they allow for the transfer and reproduction of specific type of knowledge, and as such, according to Michel Foucault’s concept of knowledge/power, for either maintaining the status quo or eliciting change in the structure of power relations. The paper discusses traditional and modern theoretical concepts which consider universal education as a tool of ideologically-oriented social control. In practice, it may be illustrated with the on-going debate on sexual education in Polish schools, with examples of attempted influence by various, not ideologically indifferent groups on the content and form of knowledge transferred within the framework of the school curriculum.



social control, ideology, universal education, sexual education