Abstract 15:266-288

Ślęzak, Izabela (2014) Informal social control mechanism among women providing sexual services in escort agencies. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 266-288.



The paper analyses the phenomenon of informal social control in relations between the participants of a specific type of organizations, i.e. escort agencies. The control relates to the way in which the group of work mates (and other social actors from the community under study) influences the construction and enactment of roles by women who provide sexual services in escort agencies. The main aim of the analysis is to identify meta-norms which define the rules of operation of the agency, as developed and maintained through interactions in the group of work mates, as well as sanctions applied for their violations. In this context, we present the socialization process of new workers into the agency environment. The paper is based on the qualitative field study carried out in escort agencies in one of the Polish regional capital cities. Data has been collected through observation and free-form interviews, and analytical procedures have been derived from the methodology of the grounded theory.



prostitution, escort agencies, qualitative studies, interactions