Abstract 15:211-235

Łukaszewski, Bartosz (2014) Youth subculture: deviation or social capital? Exploration and application of research results based on Warsaw hip-hop subculture community. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 211-235.



The paper focuses on the presentation of the author’s concept of analysis of the domain located at the intersection between such notions as subculture, deviations, norms, values and social capital. It presents the foundations of the analysis, which are of paradigmatic and theoretical nature, and the conclusions from own empirical studies: qualitative, field research of Warsaw hip-hop subculture community, and studies on youth groups from Jelonki residential area (Bemowo District) threatened with marginalization and social exclusion. Considering that youth subcultures are equivocal —they display both risky (deviation) and developmental (social capital related) patterns — we have used a dual structure of analysis. The practical part of the paper presents the outcomes of the application of research results and their implementation into the activities of the third sector.



subculture, youth subcultures, hip-hop subculture, deviation, risky behaviors, social capital