Abstract 15:13-27

Cikała, Katarzyna (2014) Norms in the surveillance society. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 13-27.



It has been long since philosophers have talked at large about the collapse of values or their total revaluation. We are living in times when the concepts by Freud, Foucault and Bauman seem to be of particular relevance. In this paper, we would like to discuss how values and norms operate in the modern society, named a “surveillance society”. Technological advances have brought about changes in human mentality. In the past, humans tended to avoid surveillance as it entailed constraints. Today, we voluntary submit to social supervision. Newly emerged values create behavioral norms in a society in which every citizen operates under the watchful eye of the Big Brother. Social changes lead to the loss of individuality. Contemporary culture devours humans through the inculcation of new norms of conduct. Then, individuals lose their ability to think independently, and hierarchies of values are toppled down by new ones, developed within the surveillance society. Based on the analysis of those specific concepts, we may be able to suggest a diagnosis of the modern society which becomes free inside its own prison.



surveillance, punishment, norms, values, consumptionism, media