Abstract 15:128-143

Jawor, Anna (2014) Moral panic and changes in family life in contemporary societies. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 128-143.



The article presents the concept of moral panic, i.e. a disproportionate social reaction to a specific phenomenon, perceived as a threat to societal order, norms and values. Nowadays, in Poland, moral panic has become for rightwing politicians and columnists a tool to hinder changes in family life. In fact, even if almost half of Polish families take forms others that traditional nuclear family, conservative commentators continue to affirm strongly that the common good of Poland and of Polish society as a whole would depend on the condition of “traditional Polish families”. While in the Western countries the same-sex marriages are institutionalized, Polish conservatives tend to perceive such changes in the devil terms.



moral panic, norms, family, society, conservatism, same-sex marriages