Abstract 15:115-127

Majka-Rostek, Dorota (2014) Homosexual parenting as a challenge to social norms. "Normy, Dewiacje i Kontrola Społeczna" 15: 115-127.



Families formed by same-sex couples who raise children are a relatively new social phenomenon. They pose a challenge not only for social norms as regards the acceptance of homosexuality, and, at the same time, to the present form of institutions existing, among all, in education, healthcare or welfare areas. In order to function, families formed by same-sex couples need to go beyond dominating norms in various dimensions, for instance those which regulate the foundation of the family, its structure or gender roles within the family. The aim of the article is to discuss how such normative borders are crossed and what the ensuing consequences are, mainly based on a review of studies conducted by Western social studies researchers.



homosexuality, homosexual families, heteronormativity