Abstract 23:97-116

Peisert, Arkadiusz (2014) Issues of the evaluation of legal and civil advice in Poland. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 23: 97-116.



The paper is based on a host of studies conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs within the framework of the project labelled: ‘Preparation of comprehensive and sustainable mechanisms to support legal and civil advice in Poland”, co-financed by the ESF Human Capital Operational Program, with our modest contribution as the editor of the final report. However, the theme in question goes beyond the scope of the report itself, and as such relates to the issue of the evaluation of that kind of social support. There is no doubt that entanglement in law-related difficulties is a strong social marginalization factor. The prospective establishment of a comprehensive advisory system changes the role of advice as such, shifting it (partly) from the area of non-profit civil activities to the area of State responsibility. Despite some obvious benefits (support for advisory offices), such change bears the risk of its instrumentalization and may lead to the decomposition of some resources in the social capital built through this activity.



evaluation, legal and civil advice, social capital