Abstract 22:189-219

Zielińska, Iwona (2013) Good Gay, Bad Gay. An Ambiguity of Defining Deviance in the Situation of Moral Panic. Transformation Model of the Phenomenon. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 22: 189-219.



Within the framework of the concept of moral panic social reality is seen in a bipolar way: with folk devils—deviants who breach a well-established normative order on the one end on the scale, and the rest of the society who condemns them on the other. The paper attempts to prove that such approach is too simplistic, considering that social response to acts of deviance may be more varied. The heterogeneity of judgments and responses to folk devils is illustrated by the results of analyses of media contents which appeared during the homosexual panic in 2005. The article concludes with a proposal to extend the concept of moral panic by distinguishing between a classical moral panic phenomenon and the transformative one.



moral panic, deviance, folk devils, gays, lesbians, press content analysis, discourse