Abstract 22:153-187

Florczykiewicz, Janina (2013) The Sense of Marginality Among Convicts. Research Report. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 22: 153-187.



The article presents the study on the sense of marginality among convicts who serve their prison sentence. The research sample has included 510 male prisoners serving their sentence in penal institutions of various types and kinds. It has been assumed that social exclusion caused by imprisonment induce in convicts, among all, the sense of marginality. The aim of the research project was to determine the degree of such sense of marginality and the extent to which external factors brought by the specific punishment execution system and the degree of the convict’s demoralization influence such sense of marginality. The analysis covered five variables: type and kind of penal institution, system of sentence serving, involvement in prison subculture and the nature of committed crimes.



marginalization, marginality, sense of marginality, stigmatization, prison