Abstract 22:131-152

Gardian-Miałkowska, Renata (2013) (Lack of) Safety in the Provision of Sexual Services; Awareness of Risks and Consequences of Working in the Sex Business on the Example of Experiences of Male Individuals Involved in Prostitution. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 22: 131-152.



The paper presents a tentative analysis of the phenomenon consisting in the failure to use available protective measures by individuals who provide sexual services. Additionally, it presents the results of research on violence and abuse among male sex workers, as well as the catalogue of measures which they can use as a protection against various forms of violence. Referring to the concept of Melissa Farley, we have formulated a draft agreement for the provision of sexual services, taking into account the conditions of the provision of such services in Poland. At the same time we expressed a justified doubt as to whether any individual aware of the reality of working in the sex business would be willing to accept the commitments included in such agreement.



safety, prostitution, sexual services, violence