Abstract 21:165-222

Kiliszek, Ewa (2013) Risk Factors Fostering Social Maladaptation and Delinquency Among Minors. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 21: 165-222.



This article aims at reviewing the state of Polish research, both previous and current, in terms of social factors instrumental to the social rehabilitation work with minors and adults. It also discusses procedures and tools used during probation workshops in Malta and proposed for probation services. They are suggested as solutions to be used while working with convicts. Detailed knowledge on the escalation of such risk factors will help implement adequate and efficient counter-measures. The cross-cultural comparison shows significant similarities in terms of fundamental issues faced by theoreticians and practitioners involved in probation and social rehabilitation.



delinquency, social maladaptation, minors