abstract 20:67-78

Bielecka, Elżbieta (2012) Creativity and Potential of the Youth from Disadvantaged Groups. „Prace Instytutu Profilaktyki Społecznej i Resocjalizacji 20: 67-78.



The paper presents the “RE-MEDIUM” Project, carried out by STACJA Program Association and targeted at young people from educationally malfunctioning families. The aim of the project was to offer those young people alternative and constructive leisure time occupations. The actions performed in this context have focused mainly on the media education, in its widest sense. The estimated short and long-term results detailed the realization of the movie based on the ideas and with the involvement of classes participants. In the movie “I don’t like Antek” young people show their strength, ambition and perseverance in their pursuit towards personality growth and overcoming obstacles to their own personal and social development. They used the knowledge and experiences acquired during classes to give an artistic presentation of themselves: their abilities, dreams and interests, while using some previously unchartered means of expression.



boredom, disadvantaged groups, youth