abstract 20:203-244

Kwaśniewski, Jerzy (2012) Foundation of the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization at the University of Warsaw in the Light of the Remaining Documents. „Prace Instytutu Profilaktyki Społecznej i Resocjalizacji 20: 203-244.



A need for an interdisciplinary approach to the issues of social pathology emerged in the early 1970s, in the context of works in this field carried out by the Sociotechnics Sections of the Polish Sociological Association. This milieu came up with the idea of an institute which could focus all its research efforts and scientific expertise on this area of study. The specific organizational initiative was put forward by the group of scientists working at several faculties of the University of Warsaw. As a result, on 27 March 1972, the Ministry of Schooling and Higher Education founded the Institute of the Social Prevention and Resocialization at the University of Warsaw, with a status of an interdisciplinary and extra-departmental entity. In October 1976, the Institute launched its scientific and teaching activities. However, no documents on the foundation and activities of the Institute can be found in the University Archives; as a matter of fact, the Dean of the University at that time, professor Zygmunt Rybicki, when leaving his functions in autumn of 1980, destroyed all files produced under his reign. The documents on the foundation of the Institute, presented in the paper below, have survived, fortuitously, in the private hands.



history of social sciences, interdisciplinarity, resocialization, social prevention, sociotechnics