abstract 20:179-200

Owczarek, Małgorzata (2012) Internet-based Forms of Assistance to Addicted Individuals. „Prace Instytutu Profilaktyki Społecznej i Resocjalizacji 20: 179-200.



This paper deals with the Internet-based forms of assistance to addicted individuals. Its main aim is to discuss the functioning and to assess the effectiveness of such abovementioned forms, based on examples from scientific literature. Its first part details the assessment of the usefulness of Internet in efforts undertaken to help specific social groups, including addicted individuals. Next, we discuss two forms of assistance to addicted individuals, most often quoted in the scientific literature, i.e. Internet support group and Internet therapy. Moreover, in this part, we define these forms and try to identify their advantages and flaws, and their distinctive features as compared to non-Internet based forms of assistance. The last and probably the most comprehensive part of the paper presents an overview of studies found in scientific journals and concerning Internet-based forms of assistance to addicted individuals.



addiction, assistance to addicted individuals, internet