abstract 20:127-143

Wicenty, Daniel (2012) Pathologies in the Security Service (SB): a draft of research projectPrace Instytutu Profilaktyki Społecznej i Resocjalizacji 20: 127-143.



The text is a project for studies on pathologies in the Security Service (SB) in PRL (People’s Republic of Poland). The subject of the study will be presence, scale and forms of pathologies in SB. Author, a research fellow in the Institute of National Remembrance—Gdańsk, presents assumptions and detailed research objectives, problems related to the conceptualisation of pathology with regard to SB as well as he briefly discusses empirical material — both the one having been actually (in part) analysed and that potentially available. At the end he presents initial hypotheses and threads he will be undertaking further in the research.



pathology, secret police