Abstract 31-32:53-72

Karłyk-Ćwik, Anna (2016) Humor as a “site of resistance” to negative experiences and a support in the resocialization process. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 31-32: 53-72.



Reflections and research on humor in socially maladjusted youth based on the concept of resilience are driven by an urgent need to redefine Polish crisis-ridden resocialization/rehabilitation system by embracing rehabilitative theories and practices inspired by new frameworks and ensuing modern intervention models. The paper presents some thoughts in this respect with an aim of encouraging rehabilitation researchers, theoreticians and practitioners to deal with humor as a “site of resistance” that offers juveniles the springboard for achieving expected levels of social adjustment. It outlines the theoretical framework of adaptation and creative functions of humor in the context of resocialization process. These rely on two concepts of positive psychology, i.e. the concept of resilience and the concept of humor styles.



humor, functions of humor, resocialization, “resistance site”, resilience