Abstract 31-32:35-52

Bielecka, Elżbieta (2016) Family assistance: Requirements for effective social (re)integration of multi-problem families. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 31-32: 35-52.



The relevant source literature shows that the activating approach combined with customized provision of services ensures the most effective form of assistance for socially marginalized persons. Therefore, one of the primary aims of family assistance is to provide help in activating appropriate resources and skills while striving to change the functioning of parents with a view of improving the quality of their parenthood and fostering social (re)integration of all family members. Restoring the ability of individuals and social groups to participate fully in social life is consistent with the idea of empowerment - the key requirement for an effective work with families. This article presents the working standards of the family assistant (an example of “good practices”) as well as key conclusions and recommendations from the evaluation of the system of working with multi-problem families under the family assistance scheme.



family assistance, socially marginalized persons, social reintegration, evaluation