Abstract 30:53-95

Szczepanik, Renata, Kamil Miszewski (2016) The impact of long-term imprisonment on families of prisoners: State-of-the-art and unexplored research directions. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 30: 53-95.



What are the issues faced by families of men who serve long-term prison sentences? Does the man’s absence negatively affect the quality of life of the family? How do such families coexist in local communities? Does their social standing remain unchanged? The aim of this study is to provide answers to these questions based on the analysis of the existing research literature. This article critically evaluates the existing studies into how wives and partners cope when their husbands serve long term prison sentences. It also identifies some gaps in the literature and makes recommendations for future research. The authors argue that more research is needed to understand the plight of the families of inmates, especially in the case of long term imprisonment.



prisoner-family ties, long-term prisoners’ families, stigma, prisoners’s wives