Abstract 27:7-37

Zaremba, Katarzyna (2015) The profile of socially maladjusted youth placed under court guardianship. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 27: 7-37.



The main aim of the paper is to outline the image of the youth’s social maladjustment. Our empirical studies were conducted on a group of young people for whom family and juvenile courts had ordered the application of court guardianship as educational measure. The control group consisted of vocational school students. In total, data was gathered from 317 subjects (153 defendants and 164 vocational school students). The findings prove that in comparison with the control group, defendants show a higher level of social maladjustment. This testifies to the impaired functioning across all social roles (child, student, colleague) to be played by school age youth and to a wide variety of antisocial behaviors and of contumacy manifestations, highly bothersome for parents.



social maladjustment, youth, court guardianship