Abstract 26:87-115

Felczak, Joanna (2015) Support and activation initiatives offered to persons leaving prisons by local authorities. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 26: 87-115.



The paper details support and activation initiatives of local authorities targeted at persons who leave prison and are entitled to get assistance of social assistance centers and regional family assistance centers. It outlines the area of research which concern this particular type of social risk. Former convicts are portrayed as a specific group of clients social assistance centers. Due to important internal disparities of the group, the said experience should be characterized on three levels. The three-tier typology outlined in the paper should then be translated into the range of experiences and social services provided to former prisoners. Moreover, the paper presents the typology of assistance measures targeted, among all, at former convicts, and the findings of the field studies carried out in 2013 among social workers and social assistance beneficiaries. The said studies were performed under an innovative project labelled “Inaction Cost Calculator”.



social assistance, social security benefits, welfare services, activation, convicts, adaptation difficulties, levels of difficulty experience