Abstract 26:35-57

Szczepanik, Renata (2015) Life partners of reoffenders and their role in the containment of criminal activity. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 26: 35-57.



Concepts and personal relations discussed in this paper have been generated based on biographies of men who have served their prison sentence (more than three times) in the reoffender penitentiary center. Data analysis has been performed following the methodology of the grounded theory. The paper attempts at featuring the “profiles” of women and at making meaningful their relations with reoffenders, and in particular at determining their impact on reducing their criminal activities. The study covers solely those women who are in relations with reoffenders for reasons other than biological kinship, and who entered their lives when their “criminal career” had been in full bloom. The analysis shows that for reoffenders who, after leaving prison, try to leave behind their image of criminal, the relations with a “specific type” of women are a key factor of success. These relationships (as a tool of social control and a source of motivation to leave behind the criminal lifestyle) and women who get involved are the main research topics discussed in the paper.



recidivism, criminality in men, life partners of offenders, family environment of offenders, social resettlement of reoffenders, restrain from criminal activity, leave behind the reoffender image