Abstract 24:95-108

Pląsek, Rafał (2014) Transitions of the Polish social protection system in 1945–1989. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 24: 95-108.



The paper discusses the transitions of the Polish social protection system between 1945 and 1989 and describes how some of its functions were implemented over that period. Following the analysis of solutions which were put in place, we may identify those elements of the system which may be considered as tools used to exert social control. The author claims that the said measures aimed, among all, at transforming the social protection system to make it compliant, as faithfully as possible, with the ideological foundations of the socialist State. We also point to some similarities which, according to the concept of path dependence, may be found through comparisons of elements of the social protection system in the Polish People’s Republic and of the social assistance system in the now 3rd Republic of Poland.



social protection and social assistance, social control, Poland in 1945–1989