Abstract 24:7-19

Stinchcombe, Arthur L. (2014) Solidarity and its internal contradictions. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 24: 7-19.



The essay defines the notion of “solidarity” and points to the inherent tensions and dilemmas of the phenomenon. Such internal contradictions arise between the equality of value of interests and welfare of members and the inequality of activity; between effectiveness in conflict and direct service to the interests and welfare of members; between direct service and conflict, and between volunteer work and concrete tasks. Solidarity is distinguished from social cohesion. Inequality of activity is compared to equality of inherent value. Various types are presented: paramilitary and Machiavelian Solidarity, Solidarity mobilized by external crisis or created in return to solidarity received, and Solidarity manifested in relation to concrete acts with symbolic purposes.



solidarity, social cohesion, mobilization