Abstract 24:21-46

Kozłowska, Magdalena, Małgorzata Owczarek (2014) Polish regulations of the selected areas of anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol policies versus solutions adopted in Russian and Turkish legislation. „Profilaktyka Społeczna i Resocjalizacja” 24: 21-46.



The widespread awareness of harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco consumption may be a common denominator for Poland, Russia and Turkey. The aim of the paper is to check whether this awareness is then translated into similar legal solutions. The authors reflect upon the legislation itself, and next venture to identify some possible causes for differences in approach to the said legislation in every of the three countries. The article is divided into three main parts. The first part discusses social and legal aspects of tobacco and alcohol consumption in Poland. Next, relevant Turkish and Russian legislation is described, and the comparison of legal solutions, as adopted by the three countries, is made. Finally, the authors discuss differences in the effective enforcement of the said legislation.



alcohol, tobacco, health policy